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2013 is off to a great start and there is lots of energy in the garden. There has been bean harvesting, lots of weeding, planting and of course art!






Ringing in the New Year

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.
     – Lord Alfred Tennyson

I came across this poem when researching the origin of the saying “Ringing In the New Year”. It had me thinking about the garden last week when we were ringing out the old tomato plants, dried up vines and weeds from last season, and ringing in the new crops of vegetables and plants for the upcoming winter season at Starr King.

One of the most important, but often overlooked things we do at the Farm King garden, is to explore the origins of food. Where does it come from? How does it grow? On a tree? From a bush? Does it flower? Does it grow better in the sun or the shade? How often do we think about where our food comes from? And how much have you learned about the origins of food since coming to the garden?

Whether you’re curious about the origins of language, words and phrases, or the origins of the food on your plate — it’s just important to be curious. Ask why, where and how on a daily basis, and seek out your answers…wherever they lie.

Mr. Eageler’s Class Gets Crafty!

A few examples of just how creative and talented Mr. Eageler’s class really is. Inspiration for these drawings came from the Honey Love visit to the Farm King Garden recently.

Read more, here:

Blog Prompt for 10/30

This week, the art class used charcoal pencils to create some beautiful illustrations of leaves, plants, trees and other vegetation in the Farm King garden.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Blog Prompt for 10/23

Prompted by the recent bit of rain we’ve received in L.A. recently, 8 student bloggers this week were asked to complete a survey on water usage. The idea was to get them thinking about how precious our water is, and the limited supply of usable, drinkable water sources. Here is a summary of their creative responses:

  1. How many gallons of water would you estimate that you use every day?
  • 5 students estimated that they use between 10-12 gallons of water per day.
  • 2 students estimated that they use 15 gallons of water per day.
  • 1 student estimated that they use 25 gallons of water per day.

2. Which of your daily activities do you think uses the most water?

  • All 8 students said that taking a shower uses more water than any other daily activity.

3. How long of a shower do you typically take?

  • 7 students said that their showers last 2-6 mins
  • 1 student said that his/her showers last 10 mins

4. Where do you think our water comes from?

  • Reservoirs, lakes, mountains/springs, oceans, glaciers

4. Can you reduce the amount of water being used at home? How?

All students answered that they could reduce their water usage at home, by:

  • taking shorter showers
  • spending less time washing dishes
  • remembering to turn off the water when brushing teeth
  • reminding family members to use less water
  • using a broom instead of hose to clean driveways/sidewalks
  • fix leaky faucets

5. What would you do if your home suddenly had no more running water?

  • Stop taking showers
  • Water the lawn less
  • Drink more milk
  • Drink filtered sea water
  • Go somewhere else and do all my stuff there
  • Dehydrate quickly
  • Stop having water balloon fights
  • Take a shower at the beach

Blog Prompt for 10/16

This week student bloggers took a close look at some of the plants in the garden to generate descriptive poems. Their writing and photos are displayed below.

My flower is long and purple, and sort of pink.
It’s soft furry fluffy and smells like mint.
My flower is curvy and wavy.
It also looks like the shape of a J.
It has a white stem and a lot of soft parts.
My flower has leaves that are skinny but sort of long.
When it’s in the shade it’s a dark purple, but when it’s in the sun it’s like a light purple/pink.
All together my plant is big and wide.
My plant is beautiful.

– April

April’s flower.

My flower is a bright yellow.
My flower has a light green stem.
My flower has soft petals.
My flower has 10 petals.
My flower is blowing in the wind.
My flower is bumpy in the middle.
My flower looks like the sun from far away.
My flower smells fresh.
– Sophia

Sophia’s flower.

My plant is a kale.
The red stems are pretty long.
Some of the stems are pink and shiny.
There were some dead plants on the bottom.
The leaves are dark green.
It is also a spider’s house.
The leaves were all wiggly and rough.
So that’s all about my plant.
– Miriam

Miriam’s flower.

My plant is long and purple, and sort of pink.
It is soft, fluffy, furry, and it has a mint smell.
Some parts of the plant stem is green and some parts are white.
In teach flower, there are at least a dozen flower bulbs.
These bulbs look oval.
I realized that once the flower falls out, the leftover stem turns white.
I saw in the flower some pollen.
The flower is at least three inches long.
– Katy

Katy’s flower.

My plant is a radish.
Its roots are kind of purplish.
Its roots are very long.
The leaves are like butterfly wings.
They are all in a bundle.
It’s still a baby plant.
It’s a small plant.
Its leaves are weird.
– Christopher

Christopher’s flower.

My plant is green, forest green.
It grows in the sun.
The leaf is a pepper shaped.
The leaves smell good.
The plant grows from a long plant.
It is also big and tall.
The leaves are long too.
– Hamilton

Hamilton’s flower.

My plant is tall, green, and has lots of leaves.
My plant is kinda soft and rough at the same time.
My plant smells planty.
My plant is in the shape of a chicken.
My plant is thin.
My plant is very bendable.
my plant is pretty.
My plant is dark/light green.
– Alfred

Alfred’s flower.

My plant is long and soft.
Its leaves are soft and long.
My plant smells minty.
The flower of the plant is purple lavender.
My plant is called sage.
It can live in the sun and in the shade.
My plant is brighter when it’s in the sun.
My plant has oval little petals in the flower, and it’s soft, furry, and fluffy.
The stem is white, the leaf is green, and the flower is purple.

– Gisselle

Gisselle’s flower.

What you can give to the Garden…

Last week, the blogging group came up with several everyday items that students can bring from home that would add to the Farm King garden.  In addition to that, the students thought it would be fun to add a scarecrow to the garden that the students could build themselves.

And it should be no surprise to anyone that students living so close to Hollywood might want to make movies or videos that use the Farm King garden as their inspiration. These would be posted to the Blog. Some inspired movie titles can be seen here, in addition to the list of household items:

Just a few items that students can bring to the garden from home — and some big ideas for Farm King videos…

Blog Prompt for 10/2

This week, student bloggers considered the different kinds of donations that help to keep Farm King growing. Their writing and photos are posted below:

“Volunteers come every Tuesday to Thomas Starr King Middle School. The volunteers and some students help paint the picnic tables, test the soil, look for bugs that help the plants, plant all the seeds, and get new soil and upload things on the blog. The students are making this garden a better place.”

– Atzel

“I took a picture of my classmate donating her time by watering the plants. Many of the things at the King Middle School garden are donated by big companies. Things like compost bins, tables, bags of nutritious soil for the plants, and money to buy other things like paint, seeds, and pots, and today some volunteers came and helped clean up the garden. They’re also helping by teaching us new skills.”

– Peter

“The picnic tables at King M.S.’s garden were donated by someone. These tables were used for writing and working. They were painted by painters that donated their time on this. These tables were located in the garden and they looked great.  The solids and composts were also a donation from someone. They were used for testing and making the planted soils have more nutrients. In addition, the compost bins were donated by people. They were used for composting.”

– Yi

“In my opinion, it’s nice that people spend time here in the garden. All around the garden I see things that people donated. To me, people don’t just donate materials. They also donate time.  It is important to donate time because if nobody helped out the garden wouldn’t be so beautiful. I took pictures of people painting and of Sonia talking to the kids. I think it is really nice that people donate their time.”

– Allyssa

“I took a picture of a compost bin and two kids working. These both were probably donated in some way, either the money to buy it (compost bins), or donated (both). These donations help provide healthy and nutritious vegetables and fruits for people to eat.”

– Mateo

“I am going to talk about the benches. The students donated their time to paint the benches. They gave color to the garden. The students worked very hard. I am thankful that the volunteers are helping us make the garden better.”

– Susanna

“I took a picture of the garden and the compost. I know that a lot of people donate garden stuff to make this beautiful garden. To me I think to donated seeds, soil, compost, a shed, and many more. A lot of people helped to make this garden, like the cast of nick. They did a beautiful job. I see many bugs and animals so I know the garden is perfect. We are trying to improve it or make it better.”

– Bryan

“Lots of people have worked on our school garden to make it look good. Lots of volunteers came to our school to work with students to improve the garden. For example, volunteers came here to paint the tables, garden and plant. I think they did a very good job.”

– Kirsten

Blog Prompt for 9/25

For the student blog this week, members of Ms. Mitsuse’s class reported on favorite things to do at Farm King, and took pictures of some of the parts of the garden they like best.

Hui: “I like to be out in the garden and sit down in the shade to cool down. I like to be out in nature.”

Elizabeth: “I like to help out in the garden. I would put new soil in the garden and take out the weeds.”

Jared: “I like to see the bugs move around. I like walking around and looking at sunflowers and daisies.”

Izzy: “I love the smell of the fresh herbs growing in the garden”

Scarlett: “I love reading all of the wishes on the peace flags , YOLO!”

Matthew: “I like to see bugs like ladybugs, beetles, praying mantises. I also like to see squirrels.”

Chris: “I like coming here after P.E. to cool down!”

Jayleen: “I like to be out in nature, and I like the fragrance of the garden.”

Jhenny: “I love every thing because every thing is so amazing!”


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