Sweet Potatopalooza at Farm King! With a recipe, of course…

6 12 2012


Where were you for sweet potatopalooza 2012? Hopefully, at Farm King enjoying the early winter harvest and resulting meal we made!

From our 4×6 section of the garden, we pulled out about 35 lbs of glorious sweet potatoes! Enough to feed a lot of people. (And the mice that got a few we left in the tool shed. Oops.)

It was a perfectly chilly day as the group washed and dried all the potatoes. It was quite a job! Everyone pitched in and made it as fun as can be.

When it came time to cook, everyone stepped back as we lit the barbeque and got the coals nice and hot. The plan was to grill the potatoes to give them a super smokey taste. First we boiled them for a few minutes in salted water, then dried them off, and wrapped each one in foil with a sprig of rosemary. Those packets went on to the white-hot coals for about 10 minutes each. When we opened them up everyone got to smell the heavenly scent from inside. It really was magical.


We also got to use our extra fun mortar and pestle to make what we were calling green-mush, but was really just 4 cups of basil and one chile pepper mashed to a paste.

Everything came together in a fantastic salad that we devoured. So beautiful, and healthy too. And of course, almost everything came directly from the garden. What could be better?

If you want to recreate this meal, here is the recipe. We adapted it a little to make it have less steps, by taking out the grilling. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the ingredients, you can mix and match with what you do have.

Serves six

4 sweet potatoes, roasted until soft. Skin on!
2 cups basil
1 chile pepper
3/4 cup olive oil
2 tablespoons white vinegar
1 cup mint leaves
1 bunch chives, minced
2 cups green beans, cut and cooked
1 head of lettuce, chopped. We used speckled lettuce

Cut the potatoes in to bite sized pieces, set aside.

Using a mortar and pestle or food processor, chop all but one handful of the basil, along with the deseeded chile.

Add the chopped basil to the oil and vinegar. Add salt and pepper and add the potatoes. Toss gently and let rest.

Tear up the remaining basil. Add to a bowl with the mint leaves, minced chives, cooked green beans and lettuce.

Toss everything together and serve!





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