The gift of giving

13 10 2012

If you haven’t visited Farm King in the last couple of weeks, you have missed out on a LOT! Through the generosity, hard work and determination of the usual volunteers, Disney volunteers, students and teachers at Thomas Starr King Middle School, Farm King now boasts the addition of two new beautiful planter beds!

Our new planter beds and trellises!

In fact, the Disney corporation was kind enough to donate material AND volunteers to make this all possible.

Disney volunteers lending a helping hand.

Disney provided enough materials that we could create hanging planter beds around the perimeter of the garden! Soon, colorful flowers will adorn the Farm King’s exterior…

Hanging planters that will soon be filled with colorful flowers.

The Kellogg company donated bags upon bags of compost and soil amendment to help us produce great fruit, herbs and veggies!

All this and more was donated by the Kellogg company!

Thank you Kellogg company for your wonderful donation to Farm King!

And look what’s sprouting from the efforts of our students and volunteers! These seedlings were started weeks ago. Don’t they look eager to be planted?

Seedlings have sprouted and will soon be ready for the beds.

It’s amazing to watch the evolution of this garden from week to week. So many people work so hard, and give so much of their bodies, their time, materials and their heart to making this garden the best it can be. If you spend more than a few minutes looking at it, you realize that it’s more than a garden where plants and other edibles grow. There’s optimism in gardening. You’re putting your faith in tiny seeds and bulbs, caring for them, providing sun and water and protecting them from the elements in hopes that they will give back to you someday.  People are planting for a hopeful future.

Maybe that’s what is so unique about the gardening experience. The relationship between the gardener and the tomato is no different than the relationship between two people — we have to put a lot of love and effort into that relationship before it bears fruit.

Thanks to Disney, Kellogg and all of the students, teachers and volunteers who have helped build Farm King into what it is today!!




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