Using a Bike Blender at Farm King

1 10 2012

The Farm King garden is beautiful place for learning, but is it somewhere to go for a good work out or to burn calories after a day of sitting in the classroom? It can be!  There is a lot more bending and lifting going on in a garden than you would think. And on September 25th the kids got an extra boost when they were able to cook and get some physical activity at the exact same time! How? We were lent a BIKE BLENDER.

What’s a bike blender? It’s, well, a stationary bike with a blender attached to it, so the faster the pedals go, the faster the blade in the jar of the blender spins. We used it to make a simple basil, olive oil and garlic pesto because basil is so abundant right now. The kids all got a turn (or two) and the results were incredible and delicious.

We sauteed eggplant, mushrooms and onion to serve with it, and then made a creamy (tofu) basil dressing for a salad. You can use a regular blender at home, but we loved getting to be out in the sunshine, in the fragrant garden, to make some food!

4 cups basil, leaves only
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 cup silken tofu
1 small chile pepper, seeded and chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
3 cups lettuce. Washed and chopped.

In a blender, combine ½ the ingredients. Puree, remove and repeat with the remaining ingredients.

Taste, add salt and pepper as needed. Toss with prepared lettuce and serve.




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