A Colorful Garden…

19 09 2012

…is a happy garden. And this week was all about color at the Farm King  garden. Students and volunteers gathered on Tuesday to make their garden, and their lives, a bit more colorful. A handful of students took to the garden to observe the different colors that exist in the garden.

Counting colors in the garden.

Each student adopted one colorful flower, stem, leaf, twig or vegetable from the garden to represent the many colors that can be found.

Just a handful of the colorful things you can see in the garden.

Meanwhile, another group of students and volunteers were engaged in an art project that will add a lot of color to the Farm King garden. Beautifully-painted stepping stones will now lead visitors on their journey through our garden.

Painted stepping stones create a colorful pathway to the garden.

And when talking about color, you can’t forget about the importance of a colorful meal that includes no artificial colors or flavors. We’re talking about fresh, locally grown produce that contain no pesticides — straight from the Farm King garden! Students, under the guidance of Chef Rachael, picked, cut, chop, diced, sauteed, and dished up a delicious eggplant dip.

Farm King chefs-in-training making lunch.

But what adds more color to your life than anything else, is the people that are in it.

Farm King lunch is under way.




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