Blog prompt for 9/18

15 09 2012

Summer is turning into Fall and that means new vegetables are being planted in the garden. Write a paragraph explaining a few of the things you like most about Fall.




7 responses

18 09 2012
Manuel ocana (AVGN)

I think that fall means that leaves fall to the ground. Also, I think when fall comes, the world fall to the another planet.

18 09 2012
jose rodriguez (james)

Well, I agree about how the leaves fall but i didnt get what you meant about the Earth falls to another planet!!! =P

18 09 2012
jose rodriguez (james)

I agree about the leaves and the joke you made was funny 😮 ha ha!!!

18 09 2012
jose rodriguez (james)

Shailen: My favorite part of Fall is how the weather changes to kind of cold and it makes you stay in your bed watching OLD Disney cartoons. Omar: My favorite part of fall is Halloween,because i can have a party of people with me like friends to trick-or-treat and eating candy with my friends or have fun with my family like play board games or watch t.v.

20 09 2012
Godfrey f milkt

Hi the great shinna

18 09 2012
Tiffany ponce

It’s not hot anymore. I like it because it is the perfect time for different foods. It is the other time for pumpkin pie and salted pumpkin seeds. I like all the leaves you can jump in. In Fall there is really fun Holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween. I like the color orange and fall has a lot of orange. William and Emmanuel.

18 09 2012
Manuel ocana (AVGN)

Fall comes I think that food has to be stored in a secured place like in your stomach to sleep for a long time. I think the food in the fall is supposed to be expired until the end of the winter. I like to jump into the leaves.Like fall because I get to drink hot coco and chocolate coco. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm.

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