Back to School…

8 09 2012

…back to the Garden. Farm King students and volunteers showed up for the first garden day of the new school year on Tuesday. There were still a few stubborn tomatoes on the vines, but the red hue in the garden is mostly thanks to the variety of peppers dangling like spicy little icicles. Herbs, like basil and mint are in good supply as well, and veggies like eggplant and other autumn goodies are popping up.

A colorful (and spicy) Farm King assortment.

With the generous crop of basil, tomatoes and peppers, students and vols treated themselves to a Presto Pesto lunch: but no blenders or fancy cuisinarts for us! We used the old-school method of hand chopped basil, garlic, walnuts, pepper flakes, parmesan cheese and a healthly glug of olive oil. Mix with whole wheat pasta and serve!

So, what did we do other than eat and catch up on Summer activities? Well, we split into small groups and got cracking to start the new school year off in organized fashion.

One group organized the shed. One group pulled weeds. Another spread compost. One group put together a great looking sign, alerting Starr King students to the after school garden activities available to them.

Fancy artwork beckons this year’s students!!

In short, we blogged, we cleaned, we ate, we pulled, we pushed, we dug, we watered, we shared and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Welcome back to school! Welcome back to the garden!




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