What’s grow’n?

5 06 2012

Imagine that you are writing to a friend who has never seen the Farm King before. Please describe to them:

1) What is growing in the garden

2) What it smells like in the garden

3) Your favorite part of the garden




7 responses

5 06 2012
Max Coburn-Roth

I saw many plants but I saw a lot of orange plants also we saw some purple plants that you can eat. The garden smells like a place were life is. My favorite part is gardening.

5 06 2012
Manuel ocana (AVGN)

1 what is growing is vegetables and couple of fruits. 2 the garden smells like leaves and other thing. 3 My favorite part of the garden is the plants

5 06 2012

Some of the things that are growing in the garden are honeysuckle, strawberries, mint, an tomatoes. Some smells in the garden are minty by the mint and it just smells like flowers. My favorite part of the garden is by the strawberries and the honeysuckle. I absolutely love both of those things that are in the garden.

5 06 2012
jose rodriguez (james)

there is alot of things here like strawberries. it smells like manure in the garden. my favorite part of the garden is the honey things that you can drink.

5 06 2012

Hi Ifound a tomatoe and somebody ate it!
Tohmas wrote this?

5 06 2012
Jason Rosales (roger)

The garden smell like fresh plants and nice flowers.i ate a flower that was spicy and orange it was cool.

5 06 2012
Gabriela Barillas

There are so many plants growing like pretty flowers, fruits, vegetables, and they’re even making compost too. It smells a lot like flowers like one of the orange flowers and the garden kind of smells like compost. My favorite part of the garden is where the purple honeysuckle flowers and the spicy orange flowers.

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