The fragrance of plants – Many colors standing out – Fresh air calms my soul – By Cate Austriaco

28 04 2012

The garden at my school really inspires me. I’ve come to this garden since November when my friends told me about it. I didn’t want to go to homework club anymore because all you do there is work and learn difficult words. The garden makes me feel free, like I’m not in school anymore.

            I’ve been an artist for many years. I like drawing anime a lot, but I don’t really have any drawings about nature. At the garden, I’m surrounded by many colors, thus I can’t help but sketch the beauty of it. My favorite things to draw are the trees and butterflies. I like to draw trees because they keep the garden from looking empty. The trees give us air, the one that calms my soul. When I look at butterflies, I think of myself as free and very delicate to the garden. I would sometimes smell the grown plants from afar. Since plants have different smells and tastes, I would sometimes take a piece of a flower and spread it all over my drawings, just to give it scent and bring it to life.

            The garden influences my art because it helps me focus more and create colorful artworks that I’ve never done before. By observing the plants’ texture and the variety of colors, I have learned how to blend different colors together with my own perspective. The plants taught me the different fragrances that I can put on my art to give a nice touch of smell to it. This garden has influenced me a lot. Because of the garden, I have new inspiration that goes along with my anime drawings. I hope in high school, there will be a garden, just like this one so I can continue to study and be inspired





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