Surprises in the Garden

28 04 2012

ImageI take a tour around the garden.  I use my senses on plants. I close both of my eyes and get anonymous plants to squish and smell. Every plant I smell, smells differently.  Brian, our teacher in the garden, hands me some yellow flowers called nasturtium. It doesn’t taste like anything the moment I put the flower in my mouth, but once I bite down, the taste in my mouth becomes hot and spicy. It is surprising.

 Everywhere you go, there’s something useful: the compost bin for waste, the kitchen place for cooking different food from the garden, and the picnic tables to sit on while eating the meals.  Being at the garden makes me feel relaxed because it’s calm and it releases all my stress from the long day at school.  There’s a place for shade and there’s a place for the sun’s heat to help plants grow. The garden is a good place to be when you need a place to relax, a place to do homework, and a place for fun activities.  The garden is important to me because it has useful plants and it makes me feel good to be here. I have learned a lot from the garden that I will use through out my life. Because of the garden, I’m planning to have my own garden in the future.  

By Moniratana Sam




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