Garden reflections by Nita McHugh

28 04 2012

I like the garden because it’s one place you can cook outdoors. It is also the greenest place in the school; even the grass field is made out of plastic! Right after you after you walk in, it is a really pretty sight. The plants make it really colorful and smell really good. You can smell the fennel plants that smell like licorice and the mint. Every week when I walk into the garden I see new plants blooming.

            The insects and animals that are attracted to the plants are also very interesting. There are sometimes butterflies, worms, ladybugs, aphids, humming birds, and even mating praying mantises. The signs here are really colorful and have been created by people who have helped here. You might just think that the things surrounding the plants are regular stones with paint, but they are blocks of cement decorated with patterns by creative students.

            As you can see there are many things going on in the garden. My favorite thing is making delicious meals for others and myself.  You can get new recipes and it might not be something you do everyday. The garden is a great place where people work really hard to make it a fun and educational place for you to hang out every Tuesday after school.

By: Nita McHugh





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