From Plants to Food By Nasya Mejia

28 04 2012

        I have been attending this garden since the beginning of the year and I have been coming almost every week. Having a garden at school has been awesome, especially because of Chef Rachel and her cooking. Having an experienced chef in our garden has inspired me in so many ways.

         I have not only learned the skills of cooking, but I’ve also seen how something you grow yourself can be turned into something amazing. I have always had a garden at my house, and now I can enjoy gardening at school! The cooking experience has inspired me to start being more environmental such as cooking at home with plants from my garden or shopping at local farmers markets. I have always hated vegetables, but cooking in the garden has showed me that plants from the garden can turn into a delicious meal.

            I think the most interesting thing about this cooking experience is that after cooking you notice that a simple plant can be turned into something extraordinary. Now I can try to create the same dishes at home such as the tasty yellow curry or the mint lemonade. With the help of the chef, I can now have my own cooking experiences and I can be more environmental.





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