Blog prompt for 4/17/12

17 04 2012

Please right at least one paragraph answering the following question:

“Have you ever eaten food that you grew? If so what was it like? How is it different than eating food that you by?”


“What is your favorite spot in the garden. Explain it in detail and tell why you like it”

If you finish this above, please reply to posts from your class mates.




5 responses

17 04 2012
Tiffany ponce

My favorite spot of the garden is the vegetables that are being planted on the ground. Also the aroma of the flowers. I love the part when we got to plant our own plant and watch it grow in front of our eyes.

17 04 2012

My favorite spot in the garden is the food area because I can see live food grow. Also I can eat it if I get a chance. It is kind of like a outside market. I hope to eat some of the food to how they taset.

17 04 2012
Cassandra A

Yes I have eaten food my mom and I grewlike tomatoes, pomegranate, blueberry, strawberry, lettuce, sour grass. It was like eating good food but from the garden. It’s different because when u eat food from the garden it’s good but when u eat food from the market it is fresh.

17 04 2012

I have eaten food that I grew. It was like having your on market of vegtebales.It Tasted better than the ones that I get in the market. I ate tomatoes and other vegetables I grew. it Is different than the ones you get at the market.

22 05 2012
Charlotte G

I love the entire garden. I don’t really have a favorite spot in particular. It is very beautiful. The fruit and vegetables look amazing in the garden. The flowers look nice as well. The colors inside the garden look phanomenal too.

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