Blog prompt for Mrs. Mitsuse’s 6th graders 4/9/2012

9 04 2012

Please reply to the following prompts. Make sure to think about your response and edit it before submitting. Each prompt should be at least 1 full paragraph.

1) If you could grow one thing, what would it be and why?


2) Why is it important to have a garden at your school?




9 responses

10 04 2012

I would plant an avacado tree because we eat alot of avacado and it is very expensive.
It is important because it makes it look nice and not very ugly. makes it very like earthy.

10 04 2012

I would grow a plum tree because I love plums. Also I love the flavor of the plum. I also love the filling of the fruit.

10 04 2012

I would plant tomatoes becouse I like to eat tomatoe.
I think it is important to have a garden at school becaus It teaches us about nature.

10 04 2012

If I could grow a tree it would be an orange tree because oranges are very sweet and oranges are my favorite kind of fruit.I have an orange tree at home and it is a cool thing to have because you save money on oranges and on orange juice. Y save money because you can make orange juice by squeezing juice out of the orange.

10 04 2012

I would like to grow a lemon Tree because I love lemon and if want to eat it I coud just tear and eat it.
It is important to have a garden because we could learn more about nature.

10 04 2012

I think it is important because we can save money. It is a way for we to eat heralty and we planted it that makes it cool. One more thing is that nothing is better than the food you plant.

10 04 2012

I would grow carrots because carrots they good for your eyes. Plus some people put them in salads to. Carrot are my favorite vegetable plus like the color orange. Carrot give you energy for to run, play, and do other of things. I hope you when read this you are eating a carrot.

17 04 2012

I would plant a rose or a zinnia because there are nice. Also it is important to have a garden because we can have some food. also we have some air.

17 04 2012
Clover LI

When I was nine years old I grew Strawberries.I did it beause everyone
liked strawberries in my family.IN my old home I had a little spot where I grew it.I put waterand I put it in a sunny spot so it would grow properly.I
liked it because it showed responsibility.After a couple of weeks I picked strawberries and made a pie.Yum!!!!

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