Post for Environmental Magnet Students after carrying trash for 1 week

12 12 2011

What did you learn from carrying your trash with you for 1 week and how will this change your actions in the future? Please reply below by leaving a comment. Please also reply to one of your classmate’s post.




13 responses

14 12 2011

i learned that we use lots of trash and that its bad for the environment and it smelled bad. I don’ want to do that again.

16 12 2011
Daniel Soto

ya me either and also it was kinda embarrising

15 12 2011

i learned that we use lots of trash every week, and that we could do try to waste less trash than the last time.

15 12 2011

i agree

15 12 2011

I learned that one person can make a lot of trash in one week. Even though I didn’t collect water bottles because I recycle them, I made a lot of trash. I didn’t put in wrappers or stuff with food on it. I also didn’t put in my food leftovers. I learned that I don’t need all the things I use.

15 12 2011

I learned that people use so much trash and most of it is not reusable, we should cut down on how much stuff we buy and think about it before we buy it. Think how it impacts the enviroment and if we need even need it. A big problem is that we buy and buy and we don’t think of what the impact of these products do to OUR EARTH!!!! I believe that the people who want a better generation for years to come have to step up in order to save our planet!

15 12 2011
diego johnson

I learned that one person can use a lot of trash in one week,and that we use stuff without knowing. I personally don’t know why people make things like styrofoam that break easily and have to go to land fills that end up polluting because they burn it. It makes me think “wow, do we really need all of this?”

15 12 2011

I learned that we use a lot of trash in one week. Just imagine one year. I think that we should use start over see how much trash and then we should get less and less each time.

15 12 2011
Valerie Centeno

I learned that we use so much trash, some of them can be recycled but we don’t recycle. That’s what causes Global Warning and it affects our earth. We kill our earth by leaving the trash on the floor and not recycling. One way we can do so we can save the earth is Recycle! so i suggest everybody starts recycling! so we can collect money and save the earth.

15 12 2011

i learned that most of the trash that we use in a week is all packing material. this makes me sad because that was a lot of trash for just one week,now imagine the trash that we would get in one year. if this continues for a few more years then we could all DIE!

16 12 2011
Camille Quilantip

After collecting my trash for one week, I realized that I hardly collect any trash, but I use way to much styrofoam . I have learned that I need to use more recyclable items to help the earth. I also need to finish what I have started to eat, so I don’t throw away things that I can save.

16 12 2011
Daniel Soto

I learned that we really can make a difference in the world! but even though it does make a difference that its kinda embarrising and i know that i wouldnt want to collect my trash for a whole year! I also learned that i should really start recycling more things instead of just throwing them away, and from now on im gonna try to not throw away the things that i can use for other things.

16 12 2011
Eva Munoz

I learned that we human can produce a lot of waste. We should really start considering being more Earth Friendly by buying Earth Friendly Products and Organic things. At school I shall use a plastic tray which is what I am doing. I will also try not to shop so much and to reuse reusable things. That is what I learned from collecting my trash for a whole week. 😉

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