Farm King puts its two cents in

25 07 2011

Farm King puts its two cents in

Posted on July 21, 2011 by 826lastaff

Posted by Danny Hom, Programs & Social Media Manager

Throughout the school year at Thomas Starr King Middle School, Ann Holtzinger’s 6th grade stduents have been working in Farm King, the school’s garden, as part of a science unit. After dissecting an albatross stomach and finding bits of plastic and bottle caps, the students embarked on a campaign to make the Los Angeles Unified School District more environmentally friendly. Throughout the year, they publicize their garden efforts at local farmers’ markets, created a display of the Styrofoam trays their school uses in one lunch period, and created PSA videos about their campaign with King Middle School Technology Coach Valorie Milio.

With the help of 826LA volunteers, Ms. Holtzinger’s students wrote scripts and interview questions, created a storyboard, filmed the videos, and edited them over the month of May. On their last day, Ms. Holtzinger’s students were buzzing with excitement over their progress and were eager to show off their nearly-finished videos to 826 volunteers who had worked with them throughout the entire project. With a bill banning Styrofoam containers in California currently working its way through the state congress, it looks like the students at Starr King could have another reason to celebrate their project soon.

– Intern Danica Benitez




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