Garden Dream’s by Ms. Holtzinger’s red group (6th grade)

8 12 2010

If we could improve the garden in any way, we could get rid of the pests. We could improve the irrigation. We could put in a greenhouse. We could put up a shaded area. We could grow strawberries and blueberries. More fruits that we could eat raw. Raise bugs like butterflies and ladybugs to help the garden.

If someone wanted to start a garden at home you have to start with a vacant spot with loose topsoil. Next you should get a trowel and make rows. To decide what to plant, you should find out what adapts best to the environment. You have to have patience because it takes awhile. Also, you can’t pick everything at once so you have to choose certain days to pick on. Harvesting clothes are a good idea so you don’t get your other clothes dirty.





One response

13 12 2010
Tomas O'Grady

Great job Brian

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